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Twitter will soon use security key for 2FA method

The social networking company Twitter planning for future updates with two-factor authentication to use security keys.

Now, this moment you use like sign-in to your Twitter account with just a username or email id and password but the future updates you need to have a two-factor authentication method.

Like an authenticator app or SMS code and even enabled as a backup.

Whereas the authentication apps like Google Authenticator is more secure than the SMS codes for 2FA, whenever in term of physical keys that connect to the computer using USB or Bluetooth.

In terms of online, you need to connect with SMS codes for security.

You connect the key and your browser issues a challenge then cryptography signs the challenge and verifies your identity.

Another benefit of the security that your personal information such as user name, mobile number, etc is safe.


Alongside, the social networking company Twitter said, the multiple security keys will allow on a single account. And it only allowed one key per account.

Moreover, the Twitter spokesperson said, there wasn’t a timeline for when the security key-only 2FA would take effect.


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