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Google Fi is offering $100 to upgrade your 3G phones

The tech giant Google Fi will stop the activation of the non-VoLTE phones in January and encourage customers with older phones to upgrade with a $100 credit when they purchase a new phone from the Fi store.

Google’s hand forced in the matter. The consumers subscribe to Fi, but as MVNO, the Fi system piggybacks on T-Mobile, and the US Cellular’s networks covered the whole system.

Also, T-Mobile has already announced its plans to support non-VoLTE phones that starting in January 2021.

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The VoLTE stands for “Voice over LTE,” which handling all of your phone calls over LTE data rather than 3G tech.

VoLTE calls are generally more straightforward, with minor drops in connection, it’s entirely unavailable for older phones that only use 3G radios bond.

According to the FI FAQs, the search engine giant Google stopped activating 2G and 3G phones on August 4thof this year.

The company has not officially announced the date for the end of the 3G service at Fi, but it’s coming.

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T-Mobile gained a lot of control over what Fi ca offer when it purchased Sprint, it giving the authority to both of the biggest networks Fi trusted on it.

Moreover, a couple of cheap options on the Fi store could serve as a quick fix.

Google’s Pixel 4a usually sells for $349, but there are also options that you could get for less than $100 with Google’s current holiday promotion.

It upgrading to better call service is long term beneficial for phones’ usability, but it is trouble for the customers.

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Verizon already made its change in some areas that out of the elements of 3G services in favour of LTE and 5G.

However, AT&T and T-Mobile’s plans are a bit sharper.

The company’s intense focus on upgrading to the 5G connection is that the upgraded connection system is incredibly inappropriate because around 30 million Americans are still using the 3G connection.

Until the customers can upgrade, they could be left behind.

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